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Hello @jillannw, I see that you are new to Mayo Connect. Welcome!

I am sorry to hear of your continual nausea. I have a fair amount of nausea myself as a result of several surgeries of the upper digestive tract so I'm more than a little familiar with this topic.

Just some thoughts to help you think through this, so if you care to share more:

Is this nausea just a feeling or do you actually vomit on a regular basis when you eat?
Have you been able to maintain your weight over these last 8 months?
Some meds will cause nausea for me, especially if I have to take them on an empty stomach. Do you take a lot of meds yourself?
Sometimes food allergies can cause problems like this as well. Have you tracked your nausea symptoms to see if there is any correlation between your diet and nausea?

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Right now I stopped all meds. Sometimes I throw up. I have lost 15 lbs and I was thin to begin with. I cannot make a correlation with food. I’ve limited my sugar intake, don’t drink or eat any lactose food. It usually happens around 5:30 before dinner. But also other times.

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