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Gluten-free diet: What has worked? Your tips

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I have been GF about 4 years. Originally I went GF at the advice of a friend, who had the same condition as me--endometriosis. Sometimes, even GF will have ingredients that make me sick, like flaxseed, which I found out the hard way. When I researched flaxseed, I found out it topped the list of the top 3 foods with high natural estrogen. Soy was #2 and gluten #3 as the top highest foods with natural estrogen. Endo. feeds off estrogen.
After that bit of info. I was more motivated to stick to the GF diet. For the first time in my life, I actually have gained weight (I've always been underweight) since being GF. I finally got the nerve to start baking GF and used baking mixes to help me out. Now I'm getting braver to bake from scratch.
I've always been curious if I have Celiac Disease or not. And one day I went to my GI doctor for tests, not knowing that I had to be off gluten for accuracy.
He was able to take blood samples and I do have the genes, and the blood line. Dr. Said the Irish tend to get it more than others, and I am 50% Irish. The only thing I lacked was the antibodies, and they disappear when a person is GF long enough. So it is highly possible that I have Celiac. I do know I feel so much better, more energy, etc. Foods that I thought I was allergic too as a teen, like eggs, do not seem to bother me anymore, since being GF.

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@airey2, I think you may have meant to say that you had to be on gluten (eating gluten) to be accurately tested for celiac disease. Or did I misunderstand? In this video and blog post, Dr. Murray talks about making the diagnosis of celiac disease in the patient who is already avoiding gluten.

- Was My Gluten Challenge Too Short? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/page/gastroenterology-and-gi-surgery/newsfeed/was-my-gluten-challenge-too-short-2/

Airey2, looks like you've been gluten free the longest. Have you found it gets easier with time?

Welcome @jenglereckedbin @tona @lyndarm @kimass1 @guthealth. Can you share why you chose or had to go gluten free? What's your GF story?