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Gluten-free diet: What has worked? Your tips

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Hi @guthealth and all,

While I don't suffer from celiac disease, I do have a lot of friends who do. Because of those friends, I have looked up a lot of GF recipes as well as taken note of restaurants in the area who offer a nice selection of GF menu items. I suppose you do the same?

Will you share with me in what ways you have made known (to your friends and family) how you deal with a GF diet when you go out to dinner or go to someone's house for a meal?

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I am very new to GF. Only been GF for three months. Use almond flour for the little baking I have done and carefully read all labels. Dealing with people is entirely different as I am always being offered items with gluten. I am just very patient, smile a lot and either decline or on rare occasions take a piece of the item, put it on my plate but then will not consume it. But that is hardest part for me. I am not a big cookie/dessert eater, so seeing others consume gluten items or cakes or sweets does not bother me. Just dislike when others become pushy and insist. I am also on other dietary restrictions right now so must be very careful with what I eat. Being healthy, however, is most important to me.

With my family and friends, I just told them point blank. With friends that are having me over for food (meal or snacks) I bring the ingredients for whatever they are going to make. Although I did that with one friend, and she went out and bought gluten free supplies anyway. I got sick because her supplies had other ingredients that I couldn't eat.
With restaurants, I research and then when I arrive I talk to the server personally. They are usually willing. I did have one restaurant that advertised as being gluten free but in reality they weren't. The waitress admitted, so I didn't eat there.

I have one question. I have some xanthan gum that is about 5 years old. It is beginning to smell like vinegar. Is it still good?