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Have hematuria. Trying to find cause.

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I have had microscopic hematuria ever since I went thru menopause. I have had every test in the books trying to find a cause – there is none. I was told that since my estrogen levels are to the point of being non-existent, this causes the tissue to thin and allows traces of blood to leak thru the fragile tissue. It is quite common in menopause and post menopause. My urologist recommended topical estrogen cream which is quite safe because all it does is replenish the tissue locally which helps with recurrent UTI. Hope this helps.

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Hi, @fotula. Sorry to hear of your quandary about hematuria, and despite being of a different gender than you, I hope you'll take some comfort from knowing of my experience. Tissues in my urinary system were thinned mechanically — I had a large piece of my prostate removed — about 10 years ago. Twice a year since then I have experienced hematuria for a few days. It is more than microscopic, turning my urine to a light pink color and occasionally forming a blood clot. But all three of my urologists since then have agreed with me that no medication or surgery is needed because — as in your doctor's view — the remaining tissues have thinned allowing blood to leak through into my bladder. I had my annual bladder cystoscopy examination two weeks ago and got a clean bill of health from my urologist — no tumors or growths of any kind and satisfactory efficiency in urine removal. If you see some reassurance in my experience, that's good, and I hope your concerns about the hematuria will abate with the help of your urologist. Martin

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