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Have hematuria. Trying to find cause.

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I see you wrote this quite awhile ago. I am new to this website. I saw your post about blood in your urine. You may have an answer by now. But, I wanted to let you know, I also have microscopic amounts of blood in my urine every time I do a urine collection. I have been told it is because I have medullary sponge kidneys. That was diagnosed years ago, after wondering why I have this, as well as repeated UTI's. About 20 years later I started passing kidney stones, and realize I have several in my kidneys. The one I am most concerned about it 9 mm in my left kidney. I was just wondering if you have been tested for medullary sponge kidneys??

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I have had microscopic hematuria ever since I went thru menopause. I have had every test in the books trying to find a cause – there is none. I was told that since my estrogen levels are to the point of being non-existent, this causes the tissue to thin and allows traces of blood to leak thru the fragile tissue. It is quite common in menopause and post menopause. My urologist recommended topical estrogen cream which is quite safe because all it does is replenish the tissue locally which helps with recurrent UTI. Hope this helps.