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Silent Migraines

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Hi, @gwynboom – welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. If you click on VIEW & REPLY in your email notification, you will see the whole discussion best.

Sorry to hear your son has experienced this extreme dizziness, unstable feeling like he’s going to faint and feeling unwell. Glad the migraine injection has helped some.

I'd like to introduce you to @jenglereckedbin @jenmae @contentandwell @lulu1962 @msb18, who have all mentioned migraines, for their insights on your son and what he's experienced.

Since you said he was diagnosed with vestibular migraines but the diagnosis was not concrete, have you considered getting a second opinion, @gwynboom? You also mentioned monitoring what he eats for triggers. Has this made a difference for his symptoms?

@smurfieallena, have you found anything that helps the pain, dizziness, nausea and nearly fainting with your intractable migraines?

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@gwynboom @lisalucier My migraines were definitely hormonal and went away after menopause so there's no help for your son there. Even though they were from hormones though I definitely noticed that certain foods made them worse, like chocolate (I could eat white chocolate) and onions. I know that some people have problems with aged cheese, and vinegar. Vinegar may have exacerbated mine when I had one but I don't think it ever caused one. Figuring out foods that contribute is a trial and error thing and it varies for everyone, but the two I mentioned are very common triggers.

I hope you are able to find some answers. I know too well the misery of migraines, and now my daughter is going through that too. I have heard that Botox injections can help, and there is another procedure now also that supposedly offers great relief. I wish I remembered more about it but I can't. If you are interested in that I will ask my daughter, she may remember.