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Hello @afbong, welcome to Connect. You bring up a lot of different topics in regards to your shoulder arthritis. I would like to invite some members who have discussed each to this discussion. @steeldove, @edithmiller, @farmgirl57, and @mimi99 have all discussed having some sort of shoulder replacement. Other members discussed seeking information for stem cell treatments for shoulder issues, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/stem-cell-therapy-for-rotator-cuff-tears/, although it is unclear if any members have attempted to get stem cells for shoulder issues.

@afbong, I had my right knee replaced when I was 19 due to end-stage arthritis, and even though I was extremely young, the alternatives were no mobility at all (knee joint was completely worn down to a square rather than rounded, so I was unable to walk more than a block) an severe pain. While age is important because of the complications that can arise later, I was told that quality of life has to be weighed as well. @afbong, would you mind sharing what your ortho doctor's concerns are for doing a replacement at your age?

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He said that I am still young to have a shoulder replacement. His concern is that it can last 10 or 15 years then it will have to be revised. He said revisions are not advisable.