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Has anyone had the Stimwave spine stimulator installed?

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I know this inquiry was several years ago, but thought maybe my experience would be helpful to others who are searching this topic.

I am currently in the 3rd day of a Stimwave trial and have not yet achieved any relief. The technicians changed the program once, but it actually increased my pain, so they backed it down again. I have another 4 or 5 days of trial to go, so I’m not giving up. After 17 years of chronic lower back pain (right side only), I’ve tried just about everything.

Four years ago, I had the Nevro spinal cord stimulator implanted and was completely disappointed. We seemed to get relief for a few days in the beginning, but it went away and we’ve NEVER been able to duplicate it. The Nevro technicians have been diligent in trying new programs and settings, but with no luck.

Before the Nevro stimulator, I had a morphine pump for 8 years. It worked for 6 years before malfunctioning. It also caused severe brain fog and short term memory loss. For those reasons, I replaced it with the stimulator. I understand that some people have had good results with it, but I’ve now had several doctors tell me that they are seeing more and more people having them removed. I had high hopes for Stimwave and am not giving up yet. But I’m not going ahead with surgery unless I experience significant relief.

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I do not want this to influence your decision. I have a Stimwave in my upper thoracic, implanted in 2017. I am currently in the process of having Stimwave now remove it which has not been easy. The pain relief had stopped by 2018 and I discontinued use for a few months. The pain was so severe I decided to try again. By the beginning of 2019 I began falling, while completely conscious. Seizure or dystonia type activity began at the same time, even after discontinuing use right away. They believe it has migrated. I am not only in pain from my original conditions now, but also at the placement and anchored sites, with continued dyskinesia and muscle spasms, some to the point of muscle lock at the anchor site. This may have been Dr error however cannot be sure until they finally get me imaging. Good luck!