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Has anyone had the Stimwave spine stimulator installed?

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@ws4k I did have Stimwave implanted. If you are considering it for application at spine, it is worth considering. It is very high frequency, up to 1500, and higher than my Medtronic now can go.

The stimwave worked like a charm for my pain. However, I was having it implanted as a PERIPHERAL stimulator for my sciatic nerve in back of knee, to help my lower leg. The stimwave lead is very flexible, and this made me have problems with lead migration. I had 2 trials and 2 permanents. The reps for this company were working closely with my doc to determine best approach to stabilize the lead. Ultimately for me bc it was a peripheral application. and not a scs, it didnt work bc the lead was too flexible and unstable and they couldn't anchor the lead well. In an SCS application Stimwave is very stable from what my doctor told me and he uses it often.

Due to migration, lead breakage issues, and newness of the product and application for peripheral nerves we took stimwave out after the 2nd permanent system had a lead break or had a lead problem. I would say talk w ur doc closely to determine if this is right for you and your needs. Ask him how stable the lead will be and bring up lead migration. You'll know after the trial if it helps you. It helped me a lot but just wasnt right bc the company had not done many or any sciatic nerve peripheral cases. They do tons of scs cases so you would be having an approach that they vetted and tested more thoroughly.

As an aside, my case was so unique the CEO of the company was talking to my doc to give ideas in how to put in and anchor it to make it stay. This company is amazing and really supported me through the trials and difficulties I had making it work. One rep even stayed on the phone with me for hours as I was crying bc the lead moved and I could tell it wasn't working anymore. Kind people and they really care about patients and the product.

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Hi, and was taking the Stim wave lead out a big deal? Did you have another put in? I have had chronic abdominal pain from my cystectomy and/or hernia repair for about 6 years and have tried about everything. My doc has been doing the Stim wave for several months now, and wants to try it on me. Almost feel like a Guinea pig, but am desperate too. The only things I can seem to find are reviews or research that were sponsored by the company itself. Any of your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanx

I had Stimwave test for pens— the test was extremely painful and I am now concerned if the permanent implant will be as painful ( I felt like I had a concrete block attached to my back) my issues are sciatic and 5th vertebrae — I have had major back fusion several RFA-s and injections into sacral joint with little results- I was so excited about the implant until I had the test – now I feel apprehensive