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Sorry I haven’t replied right away just had other things in life going on. I would be fine with Pm then I would be fine with phone numbers there. It would be nice to pick ur brain as well. I haven’t kept track over the years with antibiotics or anything like that because I didn’t know any of this. When I sit back & think about it I was sick a lot as a kid growing up. I should probably pick my mothers brain a little about how much & often. I’m not sure how Pm works but I did see it here somewhere. It would be great to have instant convo instead of having to wait to get responses to questions or even answer someone’s else’s. I’ll keep an eye out for anything from you. Right now I’m still waiting on one blood test they had me do on Feb 19th. The results still are not back & im very confused on why it’s taking so long. It’s driving me nuts. My doctors appointment has been changed twice now because of. Please let me know what I gotta do to get in touch with you. Thanks

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Morning hun! U could hit me up on fb…my last name is DeStella n we can go from there! Yes, pick ur moms mind on things also xo 😘

Yes! That’s me but pls friend request me so we can use messenger lol

@autumn12575 I’ve been thinking of you and wondering if you’ve gotten any answers yet? Waiting is just so difficult. Can you maybe share how things are going for you?

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