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Thank you for the information. I will find me one. The oncologist told me that I did not look like someone who had multiple melanoma & he did not think I did but he needed to check some things to rule it out. I had some blood work but I’m not sure what it means where cancer is concerned. Today I tried to get answers from them cause the doc left me a very vague message & it made no sense. It seems he’s fixated on 1 symptom I’ve had for years where my cheeks & ears get red. I tried to explain to him my blood pressure is not affected when it happens but somehow he came up w/the idea that it shot right up & then I turned white as a sheet. I swear these docs make up their own crap. I never once said that nor gave any impression of it. So he just decided that was an issue I had. Dear lord!! Not the first time a doc TOLD me a symptom I had that was so far from the truth. Makes me mad! Since Thursday I’ve been trying to get the nurse to call me back & answer my damn question but no luck there. Tried today as well & of course nothing. I’m about ready to go to U of M in Ann Arbor Mi. It’s only 2hrs from me.

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Hello @autumn12575,

I'm sorry to hear that you are still frustrated and not understanding some of the medical terms that are being mentioned. I see that you are thinking of going to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I go there also and find them very responsive to their patients and they do an excellent job in educating their patients. I hope you are able to get an appointment and get some good information.