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My gamma globulin is very low. I still don’t quite understand what all the blood work means. My proteins are very high and other things very low. I don’t know what all matters in the blood work to define this. I can tell you currently I don’t feel that bad. I get a lot of sinus infection as well as lung related issues, bruise super easy & take forever to even heal. Seems if something starts bleeding it takes forever to get it to stop, I’m tired a lot but I also don’t sleep well either, & I’ve noticed different little things that have either started happening or gotten worse. I really wish I knew what it all meant. I could see doing treatments at home though. Sounds like it would be a lot easier overall. I’m not afraid of anything medical really. Before my Auto accident I was going to college to be a medical assistant. Makes it easier to loo at certain things.
Sincerely, Autumn

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The white blood cells r ur immune system n the big generals, we can call them, r ur IgG, IgM, IgA. These “generals” tell all the monocytes, lymphocytes etc what to do...when these generals r not working properly, infection is eminent. IgG is the most prevalent general (protein) in ur body, IgA is in ur respiratory tract n lining of ur lungs as is IgM. When these don’t work properly, u have to have the IgG either IV or in ur belly (sub q). I have a port in my chest now which makes life much easier!