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I have been diagnosed with CVID also, after they diagnosed me with MAC. MAC often occurs in people with compromised immune system, so they check your immunity as part of MAC workup-- turns out I had low gamma globulins so they they looked at my vaccine reactions. Now, I do scig (gamma globulin from pooled plasma, that I infuse myself with) every week-- which brings my gamma globulin levels ups to the middle of normal reference range, I highly recommend SCIG instead of IVIG because you do it more often and put a lot less in your body at one time so there fewer side effects. I was very worried I would not react to the Covid moderna vaccine--but I had my titer tested and I did. I made a ton of IgG antibodies to the Moderna vax. Yay.

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My gamma globulin is very low. I still don’t quite understand what all the blood work means. My proteins are very high and other things very low. I don’t know what all matters in the blood work to define this. I can tell you currently I don’t feel that bad. I get a lot of sinus infection as well as lung related issues, bruise super easy & take forever to even heal. Seems if something starts bleeding it takes forever to get it to stop, I’m tired a lot but I also don’t sleep well either, & I’ve noticed different little things that have either started happening or gotten worse. I really wish I knew what it all meant. I could see doing treatments at home though. Sounds like it would be a lot easier overall. I’m not afraid of anything medical really. Before my Auto accident I was going to college to be a medical assistant. Makes it easier to loo at certain things.
Sincerely, Autumn