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My doctor just gave up after only trying 1 type of immunoglobunlin infusion 3 treatments in total he said the painful side affects are to much but shouldn't I be the one to decide this? And he just gave up what does that tell a patient hes lucky I'm such a fighter

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@sassykitten93, is it possible to get a second opinion from another doctor? A patient certainly has a part in the decision making process for their own health. I think we need to be proactive and work with the doctors but the communication has to be a two way street.

Hi! DO NOT LET THOSE DOCS DICTATE WHAT UR LIFE SHOULD BE!! It took me 5 yrs to figure out what was wrong with me. I pushed until i got a referral for a IMMUNOLOGIST. The immuno doc will give u a shot of pneumonia vaccine or tetnus....if u have never had a pneumo shot. This tests ur antibodies to see how they react...ur immune system has a memory. If ur body doesn't fight well against the vaccine and they do blood work called IgG panel and that is bad (i have absolutely no IgM, IgA, and very little IgG) good chance u have CVID with predominant B cell damage as myself. I have gotten the IVIG infusions for 2 yrs...but also on 37 antibiotics in two yrs.
This is a real crappy disease...I am heading to hospital in 45 min for my 6 hr infusion.. I do not handle the infusions well...my body reacts to everything anymore. Oh, make sure that ur docs test u for CMV...cytomegally virus, and epstein Barr virus as those have invaded my body also due to no immune system. Pls wear a mask during the flu season n stay home as much as possible...i will check in after my infusion if im not to sick xo