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Merry I have been reading the words proton and photon and will ask what I had in 2016. They just said SBRT would be 5 times every other day about the size of a quarter for my 1.6 cm nodule and then the next year I had 14 more nodules. Maybe I don’t have multifocal as I’ve had 3 biopsies and they are adenocarcinoma similar to the old term BAC which has gone to 4 classifications of AIS, MIA, lipidic and ? Mine are semi solid and lipidic(gel like) nodules that normally don’t metastasize outside the lung. The only treatments I have had are upper left lobectomy and the SBRT. Merry, I do a lot of research but no one has committed to say exactly what I have is called so I read about multifocal and BAC and am only guessing at this point. I hope answers will be coming from U of M. Thank you, I will look up hoot info on SBRT. Sallie

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@catlover1943– Good morning Sallie. It will be interesting to see if you have multifocal adenocarcinomas. They are adenocarcinomas similar to the old BAC, but also they are different in that they do not metastasize. Each nodule is considered primary cancers, no matter the size. My very first cancer, 10 years prior to a diagnosis of Multifocal adenocarcinoma was a BAC and very fast-growing. Multifocal and indolent-very lazy, slow, maybe not growing. This is good!
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