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Hello Teresa, I hope you have found answers for your cancer and they are able to treat it. I have contacted U of M and since I am due for CT in a few weeks we decided to aim for a virtual meeting( need to learn how to do) early November. I have never been to that side of the state and all of us late 70 year olds are not so good with such a long drive anymore. I was with a pulmonologist for quite awhile and first meeting he said you are one of the unlucky ones, you will have to do chemo as the nodules grow. Now with oncologist and with her and reading a lot I do have hope to make it to my 80s..am not ready to give up yet. I’m in Ludington and fall colors are just coming on the lake side, fall is so beautiful here. Lived in California for 40 years and no fall charges to speak of with their weather. Thank you, Sallie

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Hello @catlover1943,

I'm glad to hear that you have an appointment with U of Michigan. I hope that you are as happy with your medical team as I have been with mine.

I live about a 40-minute drive from U of Michigan (I am in SE Michigan) so it is probably not as far as you. Will your CT scan be done locally?

I have done some video appointments with U of M and they will provide written instructions and suggest that you practice the process a bit before your appointment. You can also call for their support team if you do not understand the directions.

Do you have a grandchild/teen neighbor or other "techy-person" who might be able to help you get your computer set up?

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