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@catlover1943– Good morning. I'm sorry that my answer yesterday was so brief. I was recovering from a procedure that was unrelated to my lungs. I am a 23-year lung cancer survivor, 13 of these years have been fighting multifocal. I am being treated at Mass General in Boston. I have had my left upper lobe removed and that had 3 lesions, all different and all different sizes. I was offered chemo and took it. Several years later I had to have SBRT to zap the staple line of that removal. The chemo didn't work. It was cisplatin and navelbine.

Please, please make that call for a second opinion. I hope that you will get back to us and let us know how you fare! We are a small close group and welcome you with open arms. Each of us has our own story, some with more complications. You are always welcome here and I am glad that you found us. How else can we support you?

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Merry, just saw this post, I’m not good at finding my way around on my iPad. Question is I’m not sure if they call mine mult focal but will get those answers in November. Mine is called indolent but growing faster than what used to be BAC and ground glass has been used and also lipidic is in reports. My biopsy in 2019 did say adenocarcinoma and not much more and so I hope what I have can be cleared up and that will ease my mind just getting clearer answers. I have read that with earlier scans that they are seeing more multifocal cases so am hoping that they will be doing more research on how to help. I answered in another section before I saw this so will check this site out more closely as to where responses are. Beautiful fall here in Michigan as should be in Boston, enjoy. Sallie

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