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Multifocal Adenocarcinoma of the lung, continual recurrences

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I’m new to group and looking for answers of what can be done for multi focal adenocarcinoma. I have no mutations and drs. Know chemo doesn’t really help but it seems to be their answer. I’ve had upper left lobectomy 2015, SBRT late 2016, and ct scans every 3 months since then. I have about 14 Or more nodules in left lower and 1in right. One in left lung is now 2.7cm, others still smaller. I live in small town in Michigan and am looking for 2nd opinion from U of M. Has anyone had chemo and has it helped? My nodules are considered indolent but seem to be growing faster than others that I’ve read about so I am getting more anxious as the months go by and may soon need to make some decisions as to treatment. I would go for SBRT again if that is a possibility. I understand what you all are going through physically and mentally and that does take its toll but I do feel that we are lucky that it is not a more deadly form of Lung Cancer and that time is on our side for them to come up with answers. Thank you for having this forum, as it does help to vent. Good luck to all and will welcome any info and maybe I shouldn’t be posting since I’m not at Mayo Clinic. catlover1943

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Welcome catlover. Don't worry about not being a patient neither am I. I live in New England and use Mass General.

I personally think that you need a second opinion with another oncologist. Unless your Dr. Is afraid that SBRT isn't recommend because it's too close to another organ.

Can you get an honest answer from him why he's made that decision?

You are welcome here, @catlover1943. Connect is for all patients whether you get your care at Mayo Clinic or elsewhere. It seems to me that you are taking control by seeking a second opinion at U of M. Have you made the call?

Hello @catlover1943,

As you can see from the post from @merpreb many of us are not Mayo patients. I too live in Michigan and go to U of Mich. for my cancer follow-ups. While I don't have lung cancer, I have found U of M care to be very helpful. Teaching/research hospitals tend to have the latest information in cancer treatment.

Do you have an appointment scheduled at U of M yet? I hope you find answers to your questions.

@catlover1943– Good morning. I'm sorry that my answer yesterday was so brief. I was recovering from a procedure that was unrelated to my lungs. I am a 23-year lung cancer survivor, 13 of these years have been fighting multifocal. I am being treated at Mass General in Boston. I have had my left upper lobe removed and that had 3 lesions, all different and all different sizes. I was offered chemo and took it. Several years later I had to have SBRT to zap the staple line of that removal. The chemo didn't work. It was cisplatin and navelbine.

Please, please make that call for a second opinion. I hope that you will get back to us and let us know how you fare! We are a small close group and welcome you with open arms. Each of us has our own story, some with more complications. You are always welcome here and I am glad that you found us. How else can we support you?

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