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Coming your way whatever you need. I go back first week of October and am very worried about the same situation you're going through, plus biopsy on thyroid. Feel like the "scar tissue", has continued to grow.
Question for the group, is there a person or whatever that can help make sure that all of your care is coordinated. I have thorasic, radiation, endocrine, internal, pulmonary and have no idea if anybody communicates with each other. Feel like appointments are backwards, found some important info on my harmful exposures while in the military, ( how can I share it with all the areas?). Any advice welcome.

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@meka so sorry you’re feeling all your Drs are not communicating. I am seeing a radiation oncologist and he’s in charge of everything being done. Before that I followed up with my surgeon for 8 1/2 years and he coordinated all my care. There should be someone in charge of overseeing your care. I would question everyone if I was you. Please keep us posted.

@meka– I agree with Linda about having one person coordinate your treatment plans. At MGH it's my oncologist who coordinates mine but I am also in touch with my surgeon and radiologist throughout the year. When I have a meeting to go over my CT scans or MRI's my Oncologist has spoken to everyone. All three have been my team all through this. Find out from the head of the department who it should be for you, please.

You should never have had this problem. Are you at Mayo?

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