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@merry@sakota@bluelagoon@meka Hi all. Have been back and forth to the Mayo since September 1. CT showed scar tissue area still enlarging. Had a biopsy and it’s a recurrence. Lymph nodes were negative so that was good news. Had an MRI on my head on Tuesday which also was negative so next week will be 5 days SBRT. Everything else looks good so I’m hopeful that we can get through next week and that will hold things at bay for a while -and I mean a good long while😊. Please feel free to throw all prayers and good vibes my way. I will keep you all updated.

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@linda10– Darn! At least we have SBRT now! My scar tissue from SBRT finally stopped growing so they decided not to do a biopsy.

Know that we are all here and will walk with you through all of this! I'm sure that you will breeze through this and remember to rest, rest, rest when you need to!

Is the area of scar tissue from a previous SBRT?

@linda10 You’ve got my prayers and good vibes coming your way.

Ok. Just heard from my Drs office. They want to do 8 treatments now. Bring it on as long as the insurance approves it.

@linda10; @meka;@sakota;@bluelagoon;@catlover1943 |- It's been a long, long year. I get my second vaccination this coming Sunday and a CT in October. It seems like a long time, too long since we've all talked. You are my special "ladies", living with the same cancer that I am. It's odd, this cancer and the ups and downs seem to be exaggerated because of the numbers of lesions that can pop up.

Spring is trying to lure us all outside and that just may be the ticket for a less depressing look at the future. I don't mind the current management of my cancer, set up by my team.

Is there anything different that you would change?

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