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Merry, linda……….. Hi everyone, its been a while since I was in here …… just busy getting appointments done. Just got back from Mayo and the multifocal adenocarcinoma has returned. They have been watching it for awhile so they left the decision up to me to either let it go yet or get the radiation treatments.
I went for the radiation now as who knows, what shape I will be in later. My copd is getting worse. said my lungs are getting smaller due to the fact of curvature of the spine which doesn't let my lungs expand enough for me to get all the air I need. Then I had my colonoscopy and had three polyps but they were benighn…Whoope something turned out right. Sometimes I get so tired , then other times, I laugh and say ok, whats next on the list that I will have to deal with!!! Hope you all are keeping the faith, doing what you have to do and saying prayers for the good Lord to help us thru all this. My prayers for you all. Joan

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Joan it’s so nice to hear from you! Happy to hear you are keeping on top of everything. It’s a difficult decision when you have multifocal lung cancer. I’m still waiting for the Mayo to schedule me back, however the area they’re watching on me seems to be enlarging scar tissue. I think as we age sometimes we become more tired. I find I’m more tired when I’m bored. When I have things to do I can be like the energizer bunny. When are you scheduled for your radiation? Prayers all goes well for you. Please continue to keep us updated on your journey. Hugs to all.

@sakota, @bluelagoon; linda10, @meka– Hi everyone! Joan, are you having SBRT? How many sessions will you have? I'm dreading my virtual visit with my doctors tomorrow. I had my CT Wednesday. They are looking at a couple of areas in my lower left lobe. and my radiologist is keeping an eye on one of my SBRT sites because of scar tissue that keeps changing. If I have to have another zapping I think that my radiologist will put me on prednisone because I had a bad reaction to Proton radiation..lots of irritation in my lung. I'll know more tomorrow! It's been almost 3 years since my last one!

It's so great to hear from you all. Glad that you made it through the virus, so far at least!