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@teresalane- Hello. I've been thinking about you and wonder how you are faring. Are you feeling well?

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Thank you Merry. Still in a holding pattern. I've had 3 CT scans now with another scheduled for Jan 2020. My second scan showed a few more nodules and a couple of the ones grew a bit. No one seems to concerned. In between the second and third scan I found some skin cancer that had to be removed off of my shoulder. Not related per my doctors and completely cleared. My 3rd scan showed a few more nodules. We requested a meeting with my pulmonologist to understand how many is too many. He says right now, because it is early still, I need to get scans every 6 months until something or nothing changes. I try not to think too much about it until my CT date comes closer and then it becomes all consuming. Kaiser isn't an aggressive type of hospital so keeping up to date on all new information is key. You really have to be your own advocate. I do have faith and trust in my doctors so that helps. I really appreciate you reaching out to check on me. I have been pretty vocal about lung cancer and how more people die from lung cancer than most other cancers combined, including breast cancer...with only 6% of research funds going to finding a cure. The Today Show had a piece on their show yesterday that shined a light on how widespread and neglected this cancer is. I hope you are doing well. Thanks again for checking on me!