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Hi all! I'm Linda and very new to posting here as you can see above I tried to respond to Sakota and missed the mark. Anyway my first cancer was found accidentally in 2011 by an X-ray because I was so sick with a respiratory illness. I live in a small town and was basically told to get my affairs in order because I had emphysema and metastatic lung cancer. The pulmonologist I saw ordered full house oxygen for my house. I knew I had to get out of here quick. Long story short I called the Mayo Clinic and set up an appointment. The Mayo redid all my tests and I was offered an upper lobectomy which produced a stage 1a adenocarcinoma cancer. I did well until November of 2014 when a ggo changed and produced a 2nd adenocarcinoma in the lower right lobe which was resected with a wedge section and staged again as a 1a. Again 6 month intervals on my CT scans. Things would pop up and we watch. Nothing changes till 2017, this time in the lower left lobe. Surgery in June-another wedge section, would produce a diagnosis of AIS or adenocarcinoma in situ which is basically a pre cancer. June of this year required another wedge section adjacent to the 2017 surgery resulting in yet another 1a adenocarcinoma. My 1st post on this site came while waiting for my 6 month scan a few days ago. I just read the radiology report last night and there are actually 2 areas we are again watching plus a new ggo. While it is definitely depressing to hear that I am no longer stable, I am incredibly thankful to my team at the Mayo Clinic that has brought me this far. 71/2 years ago I never dreamed I would be here today. I try and never forget that these years have been a gift. That is how I deal with my situation. This multifocal disease can be difficult to understand, but I will NOT go down the rabbit hole. I have chosen to embrace every day I have been given as a blessing. I hope I can help someone to deal with their journey.

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@linda10- I hate it when we anticipate the test results and they come back unstable, again! The fear doesn't get better, just more familiar and tiring. What is a ggo? I tried googling it and got some sort of sports group. lol My next CT scan is early February.
Keeping up our fight is so important. Every time you post here you help. Please keep it up!!

Have they ever done biomarker testing to see if targeted or immunotherapy would help?