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Sakota- great news! My CT scan in early Feb and I can feel the tension build up as I get closer.

Colleen- To answer your question. My cancer started about 21 years ago with a virulent adenocarcinoma. To my knowledge there was only one tumor. My lower right lobe was removed successfully and after I recovered I thought that I was on easy street. BUT, 10 years later a cancer showed up on my yearly CT scan that showed 2 cancers in my left upper lung. When my surgeon operated he found another tiny adenos tumor attached to m y pleura. These cancers were all different stages and were considered primaries. I had chemo for 4 months. Who know if it worked because multifocal adenocarcinomas keep growing. During this time the nature of the science changed regarding these cancers. The names changed and they discovered many new things about them, which I have touched on before. Six years later and then last year I had more lesions that grew and had SBRT to treat the lesions.
Presently I am getting scans every 3-6 months. I have undergone pulmonary rehab which has helped immensely. This year I also had an artery repaired that had collapsed due a surgical error. It made a huge difference in my breathing and I feel like a new person!
Physically I feel great right now. I am active both physically and mentally.

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How wonderful! You are obviously a fighter and that plus modern medicine will create miracles for you.