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Hi I am sakota. I was first diagnosed with lung cancer in 2011. I had gone to mayo just for a general checkup which included a general chest X-ray and from there it went to more tests and surgery. I was diagnosed with multifocal adenocarcinoma I really didn’t feel anything and just knew that I wanted this cancer out of me. So I had surgery and they removed a wedge out of my lower right lung. They were able to do it my scope so only in the hospital a cople of days. From then it’s been ct scans every 3 to 6 months one more surgery and two times for radiation treatment. It’s annoying not being cancer free and the worry you have a ct scan. I had a ct yesterday and report today that was stable yet. But for all long who knows. If it wouldn’t be for my having copd I would feel a it better. Thanks for reading my story

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Wonderful news! I'm happy for you. Stable seems to be the best we will ever achieve but I'll take it.

Hi everyone. I’m back. Still dealing with my lung cancer and it has returned and i guess radiation again. Still have my copd. Use inhalers and oxygen. I dont have much energy and my daughters have been a blessing and fun with my three greatgrands.

Now fo the next chapter. I now have a large hiatal hernia which seems to be growing and is causing internal bleeding which puts me in the hospital a couple of times now. So i go in for the scope down my throat again to see how much its changed. Then the decision will be do i have surgery which is a risk. Or keep going into the hosp when i start bleeding again. I am so scared if i have surgery. Anyone have surgery with copd and lung cancer.

Ok thats my chapters for now. Oh yes i am moving in assisted living next month. I hope that all of you are doing ok and my prayers are with. Just remember the good Lord is walking right beside you.
Hugs. All. Joan. Hi merry.