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I have a long term problem with GERD and more recently with IBS-D. Am on the low Fodmap diet and recently saw a new GI who changed my PPI to Dexilant along with two Pepcid tablets—one before dinner and another at bedtime. This was working—until I became terribly constipated. Dr. told me to take Citrucel for the constipation. I tried the powder and the caplets, both of which caused really bad acid reflux. Forget that! Now I am supposed to take Miralax. I think to myself: here I am on this restrictive Low FODMAP diet to control diarrhea—and now I am supposed to take a laxative
that causes it?? I am wondering why I just don’t eat some of the restricted foods on the diet that used to give me diarrhea? Dr. says Metamucil causes a lot of gas. Well, if I go back to the Metamucil wafers I successfully used for years before the IBS, having gas is better than being plugged up and uncomfortable.

Am I losing my mind here? Has anyone had the problems with constipation on Pepcid or similar meds? Were you able to solve it without a heavy duty laxative like Miralax that more or less restricts you to the house while you wait for it to work?

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@jackiem95 I have been having a problem with loose stools also, and Metamucil and Citrucel have both been recommended. According to my PCP, they add bulk which supposedly firms the stools. Frankly, I did not have success with either, and I had minor success with Imodium. I have come to realize that I must have IBS-D or something like it. Initially I thought it was a lactose intolerance but I have cut out lactose and still had a problem, albeit a lesser problem, so obviously it was not just the lactose that was causing my problem. I have not yet figured out what else is.
I will have to look into the FODMAP diet, perhaps that will help. I will be interested in hearing if you find any solution to this problem.
This type of problem really does impact lifestyle, keeping a person at home.

I think @sue225 @pjss48 and @kariulrich might have something valuable to add to this discussion about problems with constipation, acid relux, IBS and managing digestive issues with meds and diet. So hard to find the right balance that works.

@jackiem95 I can certainly sympathize with your problem as I've had three surgeries of the upper digestive tract and I'm always trying to figure out a diet that will work to keep my system regulated, but not work so well as to cause diarrhea. You mentioned Miralax and referred to it as a "heavy duty laxative" however, it is not a laxative but a stool softener. Have you ever tried it? There are other stool softeners like Colace (that is the brand name but it is available as a generic) It does take a few days of treatment before you notice a difference.

A balanced diet is always important as well as exercises, especially after eating. Stretches and bending at the waist, walking, etc. can also be good ways to prevent and/or treat constipation. Also, drinking lots of water is important as well. I have heard of some members who do self-massage on the abdomen, massaging in a clock-wise manner.

I suppose, as @colleenyoung said, you have to keep working to find the right balance that will work for you.

Have you tried mild exercises after eating?

Linzess works wonders, with no gas! Comes in different strengths. Easy capsule to take each morning.

In Canada, its called Constella, or linaclotide. Yes, it works. However, I got very bloated and had pain that kept me up most of the night. Afraid to take it again. (my gastroenterologist said you could take it on an as needed basis instead of everyday). There are no drugs without side effects. There are just different bodies reacting differently to medications.

Recommend prune juice with every meal.

There's a bottle in the frig 😝…may have to switch to dried prunes.

Miralax has not caused too many problems like diarrhea unless I ate a lot of cooked spinach or greens. My urology doctor (she is the head of the urology department at Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem, NC) had me start on just a little bit of Miralax and a serving of oatmeal to add bulk (Metamucil gives me gas). Add a little bit of Miralax until you find the right balance. I do use an extra dose if I have some cheese or chocolate which constipates me. Hope this helps.

@coralbells1 check out heathers website. https://www.heatherstummycare.com

She has special fiber and try her tummy tamer tablets with meals Tummy tamers have peppermint, ginger and Finnell which calm things down a lot as you digest. Her products are for sale there or on amazon. Good luck.

I find fennel teeth tummy soothing.

Have you tried the FODMAP diet for 2 to 6 weeks to see if it helps your IBS? Also I’ve been told to try one solution at a time to see if it works, so the diet alone without other meds might be a good first approach. It worked for me. Of course that doesn’t mean that exercise, esp yoga or tai chi, lots of water, no carbonated drinks or use of straws (to reduce bloating), and stress relief such as meditation aren’t important along with any medical solution. Stress is a major trigger for IBS and other GI issues.

I was taking Linzess 290mg & immediately gained weight. I quit taking it & lost 3 pounds in 2 days! Plus, it didn't help my constipation. Anyone have experience with Linzess?

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