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For years I have had problems with diarrhea. Coffee is the main trigger and I never drink that away from home.
My dr says just take Immodium which causes the opposite problem. Traveling is a nightmare as I am always looking for a bathroom. I don’t have control over the diarrhea and am constantly laundering clothes and cleaning up the bathroom. Any suggestions?

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Hello @taya

Thanks to @ethanmcconkey for inviting me to this conversation. I am sorry to hear of your troublesome diarrhea. I've had several surgeries of the digestive tract so I have some understanding of all types of digestive problems.

Since you say in your post that you have had this problem "for years" you have probably had all of the tests that would check for problems in the colon that would cause chronic diarrhea, is that correct? Do you take any meds for other health conditions that might be contributing to this diarrhea?

If Imodium is not helpful, have you tried OTC fiber supplements (like Metamucil)? While fiber supplements are recommended to treat constipation, they also act to firm up loose stools so that you won't have as much of a problem with diarrhea. You might check with your doctor to see if he/she thinks this would be helpful to you. Please know that it might take several days of use of fiber supplements before you begin to notice a difference.

I hope that you get some control over this problem that is so inconvenient as well as troublesome.

Will you post again and let me know how you are doing?

How much immodium did you taking that controlled the diarrhea but caused constipation? Before I was diagnosed with IBS and went on the low Fodmap diet, I took only 1/2 of an immodium each morning which pretty much controlled the diarrhea. Once in awhile if I did have an episode I took another 1/2. Never had an issue with constipation. Of course immodium only treats the symptoms and not the cause. But there are days on this diet that I am tempted to just forget it and go back to daily immodium!