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Interesting how the system works. I heard from
DrBerg.com that the pancreas produces some hormons that digest vegetables. He doesn't have the ability to digest broccoli. I am very fortunate that it helps me and don't react to it. The liver, pancreas, and gallbladder work together. Stress impacts them and the medication for stress is exercise. Also the splin have a lot to do with such problems. There are tests to check each organ. My experience have been a clean liver gives you all the health and removes many symptoms. If the pancreas is not working properly a doctor can guide you to heal it properly. I also heard from nutritionist that coloidal or certain minerals help rebuild the pancreas. Check with Dr Wallach he has a book on "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" there are a lot of websites that sell items, but your interest is your specific problem. Have you gone to Mayo Clinic for examination? What did they recommend? They are the best in the world. I hope soon they will combine nutrition with drugs to help heal us.
For me flaxseed is making my intestines work properly. It it is a fiber item that will react with you. Have you taken any stress management class? It maybe the source of your symptoms. Under stress the organs don't work properly. Since I was able to put Crohn's in remission I have a good understanding how the system is operating. The doctor setup my next appointment four months from now. I have not resolve my inflammation problem that I had for many years but now I have it isolated and responds to vegetables. But I do eat items out of diet and get the pain. My best wishes to you.

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Hello Healthsearch. You just answered a question I had wondered about. I couldn't understand how taking pancreatin helped the pain in my gallbladder - now I know. It is not in my best interest to have my gallbladder out taken out due to rerouting of my small intestines to my transverse bowel. to much scar tissue from surgery and location of connection makes it a dangerous operation for me, so getting relief by taking pancreatin helps the issue. I also take apple cider vinegar and orange juice to cleanse my liver.

Excellent. We have to support each other.

joannem I just had gall stones in my gallbladder and the surgeon just said take out the gallbladder and he did. The other remedy that you are using apple cider vinegar I also used when I had acid reflex. It worked fast but not for long so I added tyenol and it seems to work. When I went to the surgeon that worked on my Hiatel hernia and I told him about the pain that felt like bad acid reflex he said it wasn't acid reflex because he fixed it during the surgery so once more my doctor gave something for the pain but could not tell me the cause. I seem to hear that a lot from my doctors