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I understand your problems--I also have suffered with IBS for years. Used Alosetron for a year and for some reason it quit working. Dr. switched me to Viberzi I had severe cramps and was throwing up--Dr. said try to stick with it--I am looking for a second opinion. Anyone have a diet suggestion?

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Did you read my comments? About vegetables and protein simple and clean diet. Processed foods are very effective and are causing problems. The best is steamed or cooked vegetables with olive oil or chicken broth. Low salt. No bread, carbohydrates, and sugars. I am learning about the behavior of the liver. Never suspected bread and sweets causing diabetes, triglycerides, GERD, Crohn's, high blood pressure, and inflammation pain sometimes called arthritis. I have all those under control understanding how the liver works. The liver loves vegetables specially raw. I heard of incidents people healing eating raw vegetables. I've tested it and it takes the inflammation pain down in one hour. I am scared of the bacteria concentration therefor I cook the vegetables. But if I eat things I shouldn't and get a lot of pain I eat raw vegetables specially broccoli and cauliflower. I take charge of the pain quickly. The secret is the medical science must learn how to test the liver to know the quantities of free radicals, toxins, fat, and other trouble makers that accumulates in the liver. How is the liver functioning as the person is suffering from IBS or Crohn's. If doctors had to pay for our medicines from their own pocket I wonder what they will advise. It will be a totally different treatment I am sure. I am convinced since 1960 that the liver controls our health. I almost lost part of my intestines to correct diagnosis of severe inflamación causing a lot of pain medication not able to stop. A doctor in Italy knew what to do immediately when he touched my pain and I fainted. He cleaned my liver. I was brand new for 3 years and never lost part of my intestines. I can't convince the Doctors in USA that there are treatments that removes inflammation, allergies, Crohn's, IBS, arthritis, memory problems just by understanding the liver. Why is it that nutritionist know it and our medical doctors don't know it. It makes me very upset specially when they will not listen. I heard the liver have about 500 functions so easy to get us sick even one of the function if not working properly. I hope Mayo Clinic does something about it.

Yes, I certainly did and I'm trying to absorb all this great information...thank you.

Sir, I appreciate all your wise advice, however, I have had IBSD for well over 20 years and never could tolerate Veg. or fruit, cooked or raw. One piece of fruit or veg. and within 10 minutes I am in full blown IBSD crisis. I do ,however, like the fact that you have found a concoction that works for you via your liver. Please tell me where I can get it and how do I begin a regime for myself. Fiber is also my enemy. The truth of it is, no matter what I eat, I have a problem, but fruit and vegetables are number one on my list of no nos. thank you for all your very inspiring words of wisdom. And I thank you in advance for any information you would care to share regarding your formula for a healthier life style.

I do not know where you are from but you are absolutely correct. I cannot get 5 gastroenterologists to agree in a treatment or listen to suggestions from France. The same is true with IDs. I applaud your effort and wish we could educate our MDs.

philjody I have been adviced by my doctors to take lots of fiber yogurt with live culture Yoplait and I also take Metamucil twice a day in the morning and once in the evening. I do take medication which you may want to a gastroenterologist about. So far my IBS-D is under control