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srobison I also have IBS=D and it really was out of control. After my first meal within an hour of going outside I would get diarrhea and it was bad. So when I finally went to a gastroenterologist he gave me amitriptoline, dyclomine and Put me on over the counter fiber like Metamucil and yogurt which I take daily. This combo seems to be working. I rarely get diarrhea and if I do I take something over the counter. These combos are still working for me. I hope this was helpful

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Yes, it is helpful and gives me some hope. Thank you.

I too, eat yogurt, eat a high fiber cereal, and take Metamucil-type fiber therapy pills every day. It's been over four years now and I seldom experience diarrhea. I sometimes still have cycles of stomach pain and discomfort, but the unpredictable diarrhea that made life so miserable for many years - I no longer have. Just so thankful not to have the sudden and intense episodes of diarrhea that use to plague my life!

I can imagine just how happy I would be and I am going to try it at once...can you give me any brand of yogut or cereal?

Absolutely! Dannon Activia probiotic yogurt, 4 oz. green container (make sure to get the one that has about 100 to 120 calories per serving). Comes in an assortment of flavors and has real sugar in it. For me personally, I avoid artificial sweeteners as they tend to make my IBS worse, promoting gas, bloating, etc. So check the container to make sure you aren't buying the one with artificial sweetener/reduced calorie types if you also have this concern . I eat 1/2 cup of General Mills Fiber One cereal (original, not the flakes) - usually mixing the yogurt with it. Activia peach is one of my favorite flavors, and mixed in with the cereal is a great afternoon snack.

Thank you so much....to the store I go tomorrow. Thank you, thank you....

falconfly just to add to your yogurt of choice I buy Yoplait Light and it seems to work

I have bought the Activia, but I will also add the Yoplait Light for an alternative...thank you