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Hi…I haven’t been diagnosed with IBS, but reading everyone’s posts, it sounds like what I have. The prescription that helps me more than anything for diarrhea is diphen/atrop generic for Lomotil 2.5 mg…I has saved me more times than I can count..

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For as long as I can remember as a child I was given lomotil when I went away to college and was studying I read that lomotil can cause depression. This was a shock to me since I had taken it for years. So I stopped it myself and went to a store none prescription brand. It worked for awhile until I was in my 50’s when I was diagnosed with IBS with diarrhea. My gastroenterologist told me to up my dose of fiber to twice a day. I get this from over the counter at my drug store and it seems to work metamusol. I am on dicyclomine and amitriptomine as well