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Hi @srobison, welcome to Connect. I’d like to connect you with other members talking about the issues you raise here. First meet @agr205 @Pookith85 @jeanie26 @keysgull @bobsconnect @holly5757 and @missie who can share their experience and advice about IBS and IBS-D.

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What have your doctors recommended to try and stop the diarrhea?

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Over about a 2 year period, I have been prescribed so many meds, which have not worked. Probiotics, the FODMAP eating plan, and a whole lot more. Finally trying Viberzi, a new script for IBS-D. 100mg twice daily. Not really helps. I do have bad spinal problems. L have had spinal fusion, L2-L7. I have cervical stenosis and need something done with that. I feel all of that has a lot to do with my diarrhea. I have a feeling my spinal problems have a lot to do with this, but I feel the doctors have gone as far as they want to.

Have you tried eating gluten free combined with fodmaps. I have suffered for many years with IBSD. The last 10 years became impossible diarrhea for months with no relief along with severe abdominal pain. Once I started the gluten free with fodmaps life looked a lot better. I can not tolerate vegetables or fruit on a daily basis. Once in a while I can do it without too much discomfort. I usually have sweet potatoes with a protein for dinner and eggs and gluten free bread for breakfast sometimes gluten free oatmeal. Good luck

I have IBSD and recurrent CDIFF for nine years due to mistakes by Physicians in Gastroenterology and ID in FL. For real treatment I have to go to NY or MA. Not familiar with Viberzi. Does anyone have Zinplava information. Will Mayo Clinic offer it in 2017

I was tested for gluten and they ruled it out….thank you tho for your summary…it all helps and I will keep it in mind…

Even though I have not tested positively with a gluten issue, it is my experience that most digestive issues be treated as gluten free, no matter what. I was given whole wheat English muffins today and froze knowing it would cause bloating and aggravate all my intestinal problems

Hi @shirleyfoggepiazza,

Zinplava was just recently approved by the FDA in October 2016; you can read details about it here: http://wb.md/2gch6vq

Although we cannot comment on Mayo Clinic’s timeline for using medications, Mayo Clinic, Minnesota has been recognized as the best Gastroenterology & GI Surgery Hospital in the nation for 2016-2017 by U.S. News & World Report.