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A cold and Imfinzi immunotherapy

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My cold is much better so next immunotherapy treatment on Friday is a go.

I have stage 3b adenocarcinoma of the lung which changed to stage 4 when it went to my brain in July.

I was diagnosed in January 2018 by Mayo. It had been missed on a chest x-ray by my local radiologist in September 2017.

I started with chemo in February once a week for 6 weeks and 30 sessions of Proton therapy. My PET scan was clear after these treatments.I was nauseated from the chemo but got it under control week 4. Proton side effects were minimal.

I started Infinnzi immunotherapy at the end of April 2018.

In July I started getting severe headaches. Found out I had 4 brain tumors. This is a typical progression of lung cancer. Two were removed surgically and two we're removed via gamma knife. Since then PET scans and brain MRIs have been clear.

I feel good. My only side effect from immunotherapy is fatigue which is a small price to pay! I am so grateful I went to Mayo for a second opinion. They saved my life and have given me hope for a longer future.

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suea813 – Sorry to just barge in here on your conversation but I'm so glad I found you!! If you feel well enough and have time will you please share more with me about the immunotherapy treatment? My husband was diagnosed with a lung tumor (small) and spread to a lymph node back in February 2018. The pathology doesn't show up as a specific type of cancer (possibly lung, possibly GI). We've been scanning and testing and frankly waiting for the cancer to show up somewhere other than the lung. His diagnosis was Stage IV Terminal Cancer of 'unknown primary'. After 18 months the doctors now feel fairly confident this is a primary lung cancer (because there is no cancer anywhere else) but there are still serious questions. Anyway………
At our visit with the doctors yesterday they suggested that he has a very small amount of PDL1 and that Iniinzi might work…..wondering how you felt during treatment and now and how it's worked for you? My husband would have to do radiation and chemo to qualify to use immunotherapy and he's opposed, but if we knew that the immunotherapy might not be so bad, I might be able to get him to do a bit of chemo and radiation to get to the immunotherapy.
Anything you can offer would be most appreciated!
Hugs and good wishes for your continued improvement!!