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A cold and Imfinzi immunotherapy

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Good morning @suea and welcome to Mayo Connect. I'm sorry that you feel so awful. Colds are so inconvenient, to everything. I would wait until Tuesday or Wed and call your doctor to see if you should wait for your next treatment. Since I am fairly new here I don't know your history. Can you tell me about yourself? What kind of cancer do you have? If you have a pulmonologist I'd call her now and see if she can help with a Z pack or something else to help you get rid of your cold quickly. I have multifocal adenocarcinoma of the lung and my pulmonologist prescribed it for me so that I wouldn't have to delay a procedure that I needed.
I have heard many different things about immunotherapy but I don't know much about it. How are you holding up? Are your side effects tolerable? Can you tell me more about it from you special case?

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My cold is much better so next immunotherapy treatment on Friday is a go.

I have stage 3b adenocarcinoma of the lung which changed to stage 4 when it went to my brain in July.

I was diagnosed in January 2018 by Mayo. It had been missed on a chest x-ray by my local radiologist in September 2017.

I started with chemo in February once a week for 6 weeks and 30 sessions of Proton therapy. My PET scan was clear after these treatments.I was nauseated from the chemo but got it under control week 4. Proton side effects were minimal.

I started Infinnzi immunotherapy at the end of April 2018.

In July I started getting severe headaches. Found out I had 4 brain tumors. This is a typical progression of lung cancer. Two were removed surgically and two we're removed via gamma knife. Since then PET scans and brain MRIs have been clear.

I feel good. My only side effect from immunotherapy is fatigue which is a small price to pay! I am so grateful I went to Mayo for a second opinion. They saved my life and have given me hope for a longer future.