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Kneeling with artificial knee

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@chigirl - I've had two TKR's and I truly avoid kneeling anymore. My OS told me that the three most common problems he heard about were discomfort with kneeling, a clicking sound, and numbness around the area. I didn't get the clicking and on my first TKR, the numbness eventually went away. I expect it will with the 2nd one too - I'm just at about 8 months now. So... I felt like if all I ended up with was the kneeling discomfort, I was pretty fortunate. Other than kneeling, was your recovery from your first TKR fairly smooth?

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@debbraw: regarding the 3 major problems your OS mentioned: I think just about everyone can check the kneeling discomfort, unfortunately I can also check the clicking sound (which seems to be permanent, unfortunately). To balance those 2 strikes, my numbness totally went away within about 9 weeks post-surgery. Would have traded longer recovery from numbness for no clicking any day, though. Glad that both your TKR’s and recoveries went well.

Well, of course had nothing to compare with but I was in the hospital seven days plus a rehab place for an additional two weeks. Then of course the usual twice a week outpatient rehab for a few months. But aside from the kneeling pain, a little numbness and occasional pain which must be just the muscles around the knee, yeah I think I'm doing good
. Hope you keep on doing well with both knees.🙂