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Kneeling with artificial knee

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Hi Justin, I was not told anything about kneeling or not. That's why I was so surprised by it. Mostly just kneel on Sundays at communion. I am having a second tkr Oct. 30 and was hoping the next one would be better, but it doesn't sound like it.

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@chigirl - I've had two TKR's and I truly avoid kneeling anymore. My OS told me that the three most common problems he heard about were discomfort with kneeling, a clicking sound, and numbness around the area. I didn't get the clicking and on my first TKR, the numbness eventually went away. I expect it will with the 2nd one too - I'm just at about 8 months now. So... I felt like if all I ended up with was the kneeling discomfort, I was pretty fortunate. Other than kneeling, was your recovery from your first TKR fairly smooth?

@chigirl I agree with the others, almost no one kneels comfortably after a knee replacement. If I have to I can for a short period. I do not in church, and at our church we walk up to the communion servier and do not kneel so that is not a problem.

@johnbishop Thanks for the suggestion for knee pads, they look great.

I skimmed over some of the recent posts on this subject, and noticed that you are scheduled to have a second TKR in October. Of course I have no idea about your exact diagnosis, but I wonder if you have checked into stem cell treatment instead of surgery. I had never heard of this prior to my knee replacement, and I do not personally have any experience with it. However, in spite of a very successful TKR, I would definitely try anything else before undergoing a second one. Please do not take this comment the wrong way - many people have had both knees replaced and are very happy with the results. I just find that even a great artificial knee isn’t close to the original equipment!