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ellerbracke (@ellerbracke)

Kneeling with artificial knee

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Hi @ellerbracke – I'm with @JustinMcClanahan – I just don't do it. My doctor didn't tell me not to, but he did say that kneeling was one of the things his patients consistently mentioned as being uncomfortable after TKR – and if it's not necessary, don't do it. Since you are a gardener, I can totally understand why you want to be able to kneel. For me, it's not an important part of anything I do, so I just haven't made the effort to get there. Just curious, how are you on range of motion? I would think that at 3 months out, you could still expect a little improvement on that which might benefit the kneeling effort! Good luck.

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i am a Master Gardener and i have to kneel but i cannot kneel on my tkr. Been 6 years and still swollen. Going to see DR next week. Thank God for stem cells for the other knee.

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