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Symptoms taking over my life and I’m only 33

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Thank you SO much for your response! To answer some of your questions, I haven’t had any significant injuries that I can think of, although I did spend most of my life in the military and in a law enforcement job so, physical activity was a constant and I’m a relatively small framed female so I’m sure I may have and brushed it off. The pain is a burning achy pain, I wouldn’t say I have many spasms. It’s more of sharps pains?? BUT my arms and legs and always cold and my lips turn blue from time to time especially after the shower. Since you mentioned that, I’ve also noticed some webbing on my skin that had blue patches, I’ll post it here, could that also be spine related like you said? Would going to a chiropractor help at all while I wait for an appointment? I’d love to go to Mayo, I’m too far away…

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@seaann There is a Mayo campus in Phoenix if that helps. It's actually easy to travel to Mayo as you can fly to Rochester, and the hotels have shuttles to the Clinic and hospitals. Because they are very efficient, it just takes a few days usually to get all the appointments finished and you can be a "checker" to wait to get them done early before your scheduled times. They recommend giving yourself 5 days. They have many more testers and providers than most medical centers, so there is a lot of staff to serve you and can often schedule same day appointments for you. It was a 5 hour drive for me and so worth it. I saw 5 local spine surgeons who got it wrong and wouldn't help me. I wish I had gone to Mayo first. During that time, my arm and shoulder muscle was wasting away and I lost about half. It is coming back since my spine surgery, but that is a slow process. If someone had offered surgery to me a few years ago, that would not have happened. I had surgery at Mayo 2 years ago. There wasn't anything that compared to Mayo with the quality and efficiency of care anywhere else, and you probably won't understand how good that is unless you go there. Mayo does put the patient first and the specialists consult each other. You are having some symptoms that could be serious, so you have to ask yourself if it might be worth traveling to hopefully get an answer sooner. I would not see a chiropractor. You don't know if you have any spine issues, and they can injure you by moving something abruptly. You can look for a good neurologist at a medical teaching hospital that treats spine problems. I would start there, if you can't go to Mayo. I had blotchy coloring too like that in my hands because of TOS, and my legs, and yes from nerve compression that could be from the spine or outside of it. I would also get patches of goose bumps on my legs for no reason. I do have a bulging lumbar disc and it cracks on rotation, so I think it shifts a bit and maybe that was it. I you are thinking about Mayo, contact them because it might take a while to get in. You wouldn't be obligated, and you could change your mind. You don't pay until you are a patient and have an appointment. Get copies of your medical records so you can use them to get accepted. Lips turning blue does not sound good. Does your blood pressure drop when you stand up? Your doctor should be checking that. If you're cold all the time, you might have low thyroid function. Sharp burning pains sound like nerve compression, so a neurologist would be the one to see. I had a whiplash 20 years ago and thought I was OK, but in aging, those little cracks that happen to a disc during an accident start to open up then the disc dries out with aging, and eventually the disc ruptured, then bone spurs grew. You might have an injury that you don't realize is there. An MRI would tell you and a neurologist would likely order it. There are also vitamin deficiencies that can cause tingling, but my hunch is you have nerve compression somewhere.