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I'm just 3 years in on my breast cancer diagnosis (5 years from my first Stage 0 diagnosis). I was lucky, caught it early (well so far). Seeing someone be so honest about the fear, the recurrence, the treatments, depression…..(all the fun stuff)…..and expressing it. I'm sure it's very common but somehow in my 'journey', though I am quite lucky and thankful for it, you see so many ads and posts and etc that make you feel like depression and anxiety are not the way this makes you feel or that you're not strong enough or tough enough or zen enough. I think also, as I help my husband navigate his serious cancer right now, I saw a lot of myself coping with that on top of my own troubles and thought, 'yes, it's ok to feel depressed, it's normal to hate the unknown aspect of cancer.
You expressed so completely and lovingly the struggle. The Mayo Clinic site has been a great source of support for me but I do try to stay as positive with others and gloss over a bit how awful this feels. I think everyone does. Your blog, for me, was a chance to see that the feelings I've had and are having aren't out of the ordinary. Hugs

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Good morning Cindy- I am so glad that my blog has helped you feel like you are not alone. I can't imagine what else other than fear, anxiety, tension and depression you could feel after a diagnosis of cancer, or any other major illness. We have not only been told that our lives might be in jeopardy but then we are told that we have to have an operation/treatments where we lose a part of our bodies. And it doesn't really matter if those parts are inside or outside (although this makes it worse ), it's still a loss. Hey, give that back to me! That's mine! I've had it all my life! I don't care if it's rotten! lol
And on top of this you are dealing with your husband's cancer. I consider all cancer serious and how can you not be a bit "down in the mouth" now with all that he is going through? Is he in treatment and what kind of cancer does he have.