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Fructose Malabsorption

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Potatoes kill me!

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So sorry to hear that. Have you tried them peeled? Also I find russet and white or Yukon potatoes are much better tolerated than read potatoes. Also, new potatoes (especially the very small ones) and new vegetables in general have more sugar than aged ones. The bigger the potato, the better. G.I. issues are very complex, with multiple components, so none of us are exactly the same. Anyway, have you tried L-Alanine with them? It helps the lining of the intestine process sugars (but that doesn't mean you can get away with eating very much sugar.)

I too can't eat potatoes. I read on the "Smithsonian" magazine that they are members of the Deadly Nighshade family and that about 25% of the population cannot tolerate them. Plus they are starch which I cannot eat.