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Fructose Malabsorption

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That was "thanks for your advice" in my last comment, not "that's" 🙂
I get on here late at night and don't think I can type very well!
The gut microbiome certainly is a hot topic now, I think there still is a lot to learn about it.

Well, you are very disciplined to be able to have cut out all wheat and sugar!
I don't think I eat a lot, but I do eat it. I had been been cutting out as much sugar as possible, just for general health reasons, i.e not buying processed foods with it in (it's in just about everything), I buy natural peanut butter without sugar, etc. I figure at least it's a start.

Fat doesn't really bother me – deep fried type things do. But fats in meat, butter, oils, cheese, I have no problem with. Just mentioned I've read articles about bile reflux and they say "low fat diet", but I don't put much stock in anything I read from general source.
I have been tested for Celiac, that is negative. I pretty much avoid eating all day because I feel better. It allows me to work and get things done. So then I eat in the evening.

I read an interesting thing about wheat, sadly a lot of our veggies and fruits. So much glyphosate (i.e Round Up) is used and that is very toxic to us. But, it's also used in the processing of wheat, and gets incorporated into it.So the wheat of today grown here is not like the wheat of long ago, and our guts are not developed for processing that poison. So, this particular researcher was speculating that it's not the gluten in the wheat that is making people sick, but the glyphosate. That's kind of scary.

It does make sense to me to try to heal my stomach – with all my testing, it seems to be the most unhappy place, and the inflammation has been bad enough to cause bleeding (I'm assuming that's where it came from), and now there is more cellular damage. While the docs keep focusing on the bowels, it makes sense to me that if my stomach and small intestine unhappy, it's going to cause problems 'downstream'.

Tonight I was thinking, I often wonder if I am really constipated.. or I've become obsessed about "emptying" because the doctors are so focused on that. I don't think I ever had a bowel movement every day before I had problems. I realized when I have a lot of pain,I've been told so many times it's constipation I take laxative b/c I think I need to "empty" myself out. But my pain is actually higher up, left side to left of umbilicus and up under ribs. I've decided I'm going to try to lighten up re: that. I think stressing about having enough bowel movements is making it more of a problem, LOL. I don't know, just kind of thinking out loud here.

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Wow ,I do the same life style thing. I don't eat all day then have 1 meal at night. I have cut out sucrose and all grain products. After a year of c. dif. my small intestine is damaged. I was finally diagnosed to have sucrase deficiency . All grains with or w/o gluten cause extreme upper abdominal bloating. So I guess I also have isomaltase deficiency . I can tolerate white rice and wild rice mix. I make a drink of glucose powder and water when I exercise. This increases my energy . I have also read about round up in our food supply. Any way I find my problem socially isolating.