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Fructose Malabsorption

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"Also went to Mayo nutritionist, they are old school and didn't have a clue about diet for SIBO or Fm" Yeah, that's an understatement. At least you got a handout for FODMAP! And yep, I was also told to eat 3 meals a day, eat lots of fruit and fiber (makes me miserable). My doc told me he didn't want me on a restrictive diet because their primary goals is for me to gain weight. BUT – the main reason I can't gain weight is because it's uncomfortable to eat, so it's like a vicious cycle.

My symptoms sure fit the SIBO pattern, and I also have very slow small intestine transit (which can occur with SIBO -either contributes to it, or because of it, i.e makes sense b/c it would help bacteria stay up there, and am also having bile reflux up into my stomach which is damaging it. Seems like a big back log to me… and logically seems "unclogging" by eliminating the bacteria could only help.

Well that is great what you are doing, especially having been through it yourself, lord knows we need a knowledgable nutritionist!
Yes, possibly re: the gallbladder surgery, and for sure after a hysterectomy I had later (they thought might help the pain – it didn't). I had IV antibiotics then and I remember the first time I was supposed to get up messing the whole bed with diarrhea. ( And yes, the gallbladder surgery really has ruined me. Wish I never have it. Apparently the bile going up into my stomach is a result of that also. I'd give anything to take that back. They sell that surgery like it's going in for a manicure!

That's so much for all your advice.
I'm so torn because for this problem.. it seems almost a keto diet would help, but then the "bile reflux" folks say low fat. But I'm not sure about that, because I can see that if you have a gallbladder, when the bile is released in response to your eating fat, that is it's job. But without one, the bile just kind of dribbles out constantly. I don't think you get the response to fat. I guess the though is the fat sits in your stomach longer and may put pressure on that sphincter relaxing it and causing the bile to reflux. I don't know. Maybe you can include that problem in your reportoire! Most sources say diet doesn't matter.

Thanks again for all your advice and help. it's the most of got!

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Diet matters, gut bacteria is responsible for almost all diseases including cancers and autoimmune which include things like MS, diabetes, and many other problems. This is just now getting the attention in the medical community but still doctors haven't been trained on how to deal with this other than meds and surgery. I also regret my surgery which was very expensive. I was tested at Mayo for FM and Lactose intolerances and it was negative. After the surgery I was still unable to get off meds until I read Fast Tract
digestion. I thought fruit was good for me and love fruit especially since that's the only sweet things I had. I had cut out all wheat products and sugars years ago. Once I stopped fruit it only took a day to feel better, it ferments in my upper intestine, can't digest it! Also have you been tested for Celiac? Most people that have it are thin, you said you had problems keeping weight on. That also causes all kinds of trauma in your body. You can try cutting out all carbs for a month. Yes it's tough to do but after a few weeks the cravings get better. Don't need the vegetables for awhile just eat proteins. Can have low fat proteins if fat bothers you just remember when buying meats to make sure they are antibiotic and hormone free or you'll continue to have problems. Heal your stomach. Dr Gundry just came out with a new pre and probiotic. Usually probiotics give me bad gas and don't need help in that department! None of this is easy but once you feel better it will be worth it!