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Fructose Malabsorption

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Sorry, I didn't realize I posted that in this thread! But while I'm here, yes I have done quite a bit of research and have tried a low fructose diet with no success. Is it possible to have a delayed reaction, like the day after eating something I shouldn't? I just can't seem to find a pattern.

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Yes you can definitely have delayed reaction. There is so much valuable information I have provided throughout all my post and it will be very helpful to read it. My kid had the issue from birth and progressively got worse until age 7 where she would get stomach ache from just eating rice. We had to carry her every where since she had lost a lot of weight. We ended up eliminating everything from her diet. Now she can eat so much more and doesn't have problems. She is allergic to gluten, milk, eggs and nuts and we avoid that in her diet. Fructose malabsorption can be tackled very easily if you follow the regimen. Read my post and I can further answer any questions you would have from it. I have handled fructose issues for the last 13 years with my kid and is it amazingly under ccontrol with no nausea, gas, bloating or other symptoms. Good luck!

No need to apologize! Welcome! Definitely you can have a delayed reaction! Especially in the case of fructans (chains of fructose) but also with fructose. For me if delayed it is usually 8 hours or so, so I eat iffy things in the morning. I find a reaction depends partly on how much fructose/fructans is already in my system. If I have closely followed the diet for three of more days I can usually get away with eating something I couldn't if I'd eaten something I shouldn't have the day before. It is very difficult to find a pattern; it took me about 10 years. Why don't you try the diet I've listed in this fm discussion section? I think it is on about page 5. Fructose is in tons of stuff. You may need a _no_ fructose diet; that's the case with me for the most part. I can't even digest artificial sugars. Best of luck.

It takes me about a day and a half to have a reaction to fructose.