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Fructose Malabsorption

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Sorry to hear you are suffering so much from the use of Reclast. The medicine can be harsh on your stomach will explains the use of Prilosec. I think asthma might be a disconnected issue.

The following are my recommendations;
1) Try Lutomerase (xylose isomerase) to take care of fructose intolerance.
2) Take probiotics everyday. It helps to fill your gut with good bacteria and eliminate the bad bacteria that feed on fructose and give you IBS.
3) Take infused ginger water prior to eating. It helps IBS and digestion.
4) Take digestive enzyme containing Betaine HCl to breakdown and emulsify the food.
5) Take turmeric pills (curcumin) for digestion and inflammation.
6) Either see a Chinese or Indian Herbalist as in lot of instances like this naturopath has worked wonders and I strongly believe in it.
7) Do water aerobics and weight bearing exercises.

I hope you start feeling better.

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Thanks for your suggestions. Many of the symptoms move around a lot, and right now g.i. issues are almost normal. Still get out of breath with exercise, though, especially weight bearing exercise. I had to go to the E.R. several weeks ago because hadn't been able to catch my breath for 2 days, and all of the tests were normal. So, since the problem started after getting the Reclast infusion, I think that is the cause. Two and one-half months to go!

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