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Fructose Malabsorption

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RECLAST ALERT! More info on the Reclast infusion I had. If you have g.i. issues, DON'T get it! I finally had everything mostly under control after 17 years, and was actually sleeping lying down flat in the bed, etc. Now all food bothers my stomach, even that which used to be ok. I'm back on Prilosec and taking the maximum ashthma meds. I know it's the Reclast and not something else because I only change one variable at a time and getting the Reclast infusion was what I changed. I've also gotten a boatload of other quality of life threatening symptoms which I've never had before including labored breathing with exercise. Some non g.i. issues I already had were made worse by the Reclast. My primary doctor says to never get the infusion again, and even to not use any form of bisphosphonates of any kind such as pills. To see the list of about 118 possible side effects of ReclastI, go to the Mayo Clinic web site, select Patient Care…, then Drugs and Supplement A-Z, and then Zoledronic Acid (intravenous route). There are about 5 pages, the first being Descriptions, then Before Using (scroll down to Other Medical Problems and you will find stomach absorption problems), with the last screen being Side Effects. I only got 1/2 dose; wonder what hell I'd be going through it I'd gotten the full dose. The 1/2 dose should last 6 months; I'm 3 months into it and finally starting to feel little bit better the last day or so. I think it is because I've upped the amount of water I am drinking, to 11-12 8 oz glasses/day. Mayo says to drink 11 1/2 cups per day. I don't think this would include beverages with caffeine. That's it for now.

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Sorry to hear you are suffering so much from the use of Reclast. The medicine can be harsh on your stomach will explains the use of Prilosec. I think asthma might be a disconnected issue.

The following are my recommendations;
1) Try Lutomerase (xylose isomerase) to take care of fructose intolerance.
2) Take probiotics everyday. It helps to fill your gut with good bacteria and eliminate the bad bacteria that feed on fructose and give you IBS.
3) Take infused ginger water prior to eating. It helps IBS and digestion.
4) Take digestive enzyme containing Betaine HCl to breakdown and emulsify the food.
5) Take turmeric pills (curcumin) for digestion and inflammation.
6) Either see a Chinese or Indian Herbalist as in lot of instances like this naturopath has worked wonders and I strongly believe in it.
7) Do water aerobics and weight bearing exercises.

I hope you start feeling better.