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Fructose Malabsorption

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Did you get any xylose isomerase from a company in the Netherlands called Disolut? If not, can you recommend some European companies? You wonder how pure some of the products are; maybe they don't have an FDA. I'm not sure the enzyme will help me because if I eat any sugar, including fructose and glucose, I get immediate stomach upset, and the enzyme apparently doesn't start working until further down. What was your daughter's immediate response? Thanks so much!

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Initially we use to order FructoZym which contained Xylose Isomerase. Just recently they discontinued making it. We bought from them for 4 years. We just recently switched to Dissolut from Netherlands. It also contains Xylose Isomerase as the Active sold by the name Lutomerase.

We ordered 1 box and it seems to work and we went forward and ordered 5 more boxes. It's very easy to order. I ordered through Ebay. The shipping is free and it showed by in my mail box. It is much more convenient than going to the bank and wire transferring the money to order.

Initially you will have pain, but continue using it as it will help you. Have you tried just taking glucose? I would like to know your reaction to just glucose. Take the enzyme 10 minutes ahead of time. It gradually will get better. Take the probiotics to built up the good bacteria to prevent the bad bacteria from fermenting.

If you take oil in the diet remember to take ginger pills or liquid infused with ginger to keep everything moving since oil slows down the movements of the gut. All the best.