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Fructose Malabsorption

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I'm so sorry you're still having problems. What you don't eat sound so familiar! I posted a diet and recipes further up the pages in fructose malabsorption, and also info re sugars in drugs and supplements. Omeprazole has sugar in it; that probably isn't helping It's possible you might also have lactose intolerance and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. After over 13 years I finally got to a point where I am stable with the fm, so started this fm discussion to help others in the same predicament. Hopefully you can find some answers and get it under control!

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I have been diagnosed with fm and lactose intolerance and acid reflux . I no longer have bacterial overgrowth. I do not have gas. My symptoms were constant heart burn and bloating. Yes now see a nutritionist and started a Low FODMAP diet with the elimination of foods for fm and reflux. I have also been taken off gluten. There is not much that I can eat. And only drink water. I have eliminated my vitamins and pro biotic since they all have some form of sugars not allowed. Would love to find a probiotic, calcium and multi vitamin I can take. My menu is basically salmon, chicken, quinoa, brown rice all gluten free.. oatmeal, hard boil eggs, carrots and cucumbers, lettuce. I tried a half slice of Muenster cheese in an omelette and had severe diarrhea. I was a cheeses addict before this all started. So I will try it again at some point maybe a quarter of a slice and maybe fat free. I tried tuna in oil and felt terrible after. So no oil for me. Will try in water soon.
Nutritionist is very helpful. Also doing stress management excercises. I have not touched a fruit in about a year. Trying to feel good for more than 5-6 days.