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Fructose Malabsorption

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Hi Mayo Clinic Connect community,

About 2 years ago, I started having excessive gas and to a lesser extent increased belching. I have no other gastrointestinal issues - no bloating, diaheraa, or constipation - but the gas is really bad to the point that I’ve spent the last year restricting my diet and avoiding dating out of embarrassment.

Right now, I’ve found that the gas is reduced if I restrict my diet to plain Greek yogurt, avocados, lean meats, white rice, soy sauce, plain bagel, and cream cheese. That’s not a long list and not a sustainable diet, I know. I’ve noticed increased gas when I eat eggs, oatmeal, sugary muffins and cookies with high fructose corn syrup.

I was diagnosed with some type of sucrose intolerance when I was 10 years old. My symptoms then were vomiting and stomach pain. It was so long ago there may have been symptoms I don’t remember. Either way restricting/eliminating sucrose from my diet eased my symptoms. My doctor thought I would grow out of it and 2 years later I was able to eat sucrose without those nasty symptoms. But with this new digestive issue, I wonder if sugar malabsorption is an issue.

I’m seeing a GI doctor about this next week Has anyone else had excessive gas as your only symptom? Did you get a diagnosis?


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Hi @atxer,
Mayo Clinic has some information on excessive gas and belching, which you can view by clicking on these links:

I think you might like to take part in this very active discussion on Connect.
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Can you affiliate the gas with any other foods, or does it happen certain times of the day or night more than others?

If you have a mild case of fructose malabsorption the main symptom could be excessive gas, I think. I have an extreme case, and before it was diagnosed I had so much gas I had "explosive" belching. Also had other symptoms as well, many of which could be related to the gas like GERD, bloating, etc. Good thing you are going to a GI doctor.

Are you still checking this? I would love to chat more about this.