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Fructose Malabsorption

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The g.i. tract is a very complicated system and I think a big part of the problem is there is just a lot the doctors don't know yet. For example right now one of the big areas of research is the gut microbiome. It is not like a broken bone or something definitive. On the other hand, I also had the experience of a doctor who just wanted to do upper endoscopies and colonoscopies over and over, etc., and didn't say IBS or anything or didn't do any breath tests or anything. I had to go up to Mayo to get the fm diagnosis.

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@jackiem95, @redhead63. Another thing. Since g.i. problems are so complex and not well understood, some doctors think the patient's problem is mainly mental. When you go up to Mayo for g.i. issues, they have you evaluated by a psychiatrist to check for mental issues. I passed the test, and my problems are physical, not mental. After I came back from Mayo and saw a physician's assistant, she said I just wanted attention and didn't really have much of a problem. I was quite annoyed. A big part of medical personnel thinking the problems are mental is that they haven't had the g.i. problems we do and don't know how horrible they can be. They don't realize how g.i. problems can hijack your life!