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Fructose Malabsorption

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Hi Thanks for replying. I am on omeprazole for my acid reflux. I am taking 10mg a day was on 20 mg a day. I tried other antacids they didn't work. Some made me feel worse. I still have acid reflux and heartburn every day. I also have fructose malabsorption. I have just reconciled myself to no more fruits, fructan or fructose, honey.....
Where do you get the Aloe Vera? Do you juice it with any liquids? I will try anything cause right now I have heartburn and bloating all the time.
How do I go about finding a hospital in my area in NJ that specializes in acid reflux and malabsorption....?
I am off dairy. I have not been tested for celiac but I do not have any issues that I know of with gluten. @redhead63

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You can order the Aloe Vera Juice off of Amazon and just drink it straight. Whole Foods would have it too and so would any good health food store. Make sure you get that brand that I sent you. Do you have food in your stool? If so then you need to also get a good enzyme, take 1-2, 20 minutes before your meal, if you eat very little than take one. I was on a prescription enzyme called Viokase for about 15 years and it stop working. As far as a Doctor in your area I really don’t know, I am from Chicago. If your medication isn’t working then go back and tell your Doctor that he needs to try something else. I would try the Aloe Vera Juice first, meantime if you have undigested foods in your bowel movement then ask your Doctor if he can give you a prescription for Viokase. Most Doctors will. I think you will feel a lot better once you start taking the Aloe Vera Juice. It took me about 15 Doctors before I hit the jackpot for all of my stomach issues and finally I found the perfect Doctor. I was born with lactose and fructose Intolerances and at that time both conditions weren’t recognized, so I developed all kinds of heath problems. Please rub a littte on your arm to see if you have a reaction before drinking the juice, most people can drink the juice. Let me know how you are doing.